Fin II.

Without restraint,
your love for others flow.
You’ve said so much to many,
But you’d never let it show.

The answer lies in what I know,
And if this, too, should bury in the snow.
Do I need a friend like you,
Or turn to other souls.

Rhyming becomes a chore
When you have to make two sentences whole
But lonely is as lonely goes
I’ll take too the silent echoes.


3 thoughts on “Fin II.

  1. Hope this FIN II will be your new START in everything you do

    I do not know what life story you are going through but I just find a connection and reconciliation with the words you write.

    1. It’s just amazing how my feelings relate so much to the words u wrote even though our paths may not cross.

      I guess it’s good to know that u are not alone, and I am not alone.

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