What do people do when they feel like breaking down? Everyone has it all together yet my mind tells me that the world is falling apart. 

Emotions are so scattered and all over the place. I can’t focus. The work is consuming peace even though it is the weekend. Hands are shivering and I can’t fall asleep. Even just saying hello to familiar friends sends me crying. So many things are happening and there’s nothing I can do to hold it in together.

This mental stress feels so overwhelming and real. What do people do when they feel like breaking down? What do you do to relieve at least some mental/ emotional stress?

Haven’t felt this way in a long time. Transporting me backwards to 2014 when getting out of bed was the most frightening, tedious task everyday. 

I don’t want to slip back.

Need to tidy up thoughts and persevere. But the challenges always resurface in time. Daily. Per millisecond. 

So tired. So tired. Need to get rid of negative thoughts.

It is so tiring because your biggest enemy is always yourself. And my enemy’s eating everyone up.

Crappy enemy. You’re better off gone. No one likes you around. You share too much. No one wants to hear any of it. You’re persistent when it comes to all the wrong things. You have to stop thinking. The brain needs to stop thinking. 

Be more foolish. Don’t use it. Stop the brain activities. Stop. 

Seriously, help.


4 thoughts on “Skidding.

  1. Thinking overkills…I totally feel you…all those negative thoughts just cloud your mind even when you try to sleep.

    Try getting back to your daily routine…when you are busy, hopefully you think less and slowly those negative thoughts and overwhelming feelings come to you less and less frequent till they disappear

  2. Internal monologue can be destructive or constructive but only you can change it. Distractions are good to avoid racing thoughts, positive people can have a good influence and when all fails, Lexapro. :) – Hope you feel better.

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