A Letter to A Hopefully Happier Future Self:

Hi there,

Do not take anything for granted, even these words. Please do not dismiss this as another share of letter, growing up, merely because things are going good for you now.

If you’re reading this now, it is proof that you can make it through anything in life. If you’re reading this now, having found it tucked away in a dark, sly corner of the web or archives, you’ll know that you can do just about anything in the world. That the world is forgiving and kind, because it has alleviated you from all the troubles and woes of your old self.

If you read this, I hope it reminds you to keep believing in the odds of situations, that good, generous things can happen even if you’ve waited in silence for what seems like an infinite amount of time. I hope reading this teaches you the importance of staying alive as well as patience. I hope it reminds you of kindness, because without kindness to yourself and from others, we wouldn’t be speaking to each other now.

If you read this, recall the faces of those who got you here. Remember them, and give them a call. Heck, give them massive hugs. Tell them you remember their deeds no matter how small, because they kept you alive through your most undesirable, selfish times. Remember courage. Remember acceptance. Remember changes. Remember me.

Remember me because I’ve made all the mistakes for you. Because I’ve thread miles and stones for you to read this. Because my mistakes give face to your happiness now, when you were about to crumble to just about anything. I hope you take time to reflect and learn from them, because they didn’t come by easy. You almost couldn’t make it, but you did. Also remember the mistakes you didn’t make. Rejoice in them, bask in their lack-of consequence. I’m proud you didn’t commit to anything both beyond or beneath your conscience. Here’s a pat on the head for you!

Remember that you have people who loved you. Do not let that get to your head. I hope you’re happy because you and the people you hold dear have the tenacity and strength to love. I hope you’re not loving because it is easy to. I hope you find the sincerity and persuasion within to always, always love and give. I hope you do not grow jaded and begin choosing the easier paths, because there is no easier path. Love triumphs many things only if you give everything you’ve got. It doesn’t have to be romantic or necessarily platonic as a consequence, but to offer yourself as a person to your circle of friends, family, companionships, societies. Anyone or anything you choose, I’m right here by you.

If you’re reading this, please note that I have hopes for you. I’m planning your life out for you at the moment, but let none of it bother you. Let none of it restrict you because you are no longer me. You are a person carried by the winds, gentle as the rivers, and stubborn as the calendars. You are braver, more flexible, less afraid. You are the best version I could ever dreamed of, would ever be capable of.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’ve been treating your family right. Have you been talking to your brothers? To their families? Have you been calling home just to Ensure that everyone is safe and sound? Have you told them how much you appreciate them? I hope you have, because the littlest words and affection matter. They might feel awkward and out of place, but they matter so much. You get to read this because someone poured these words and affection all over you too.

If you’re reading this, I hope you’ve taken up one or two new hobbies. I hope you’ve been writing and reading too, whilst pouring yourself over music. I hope you’re at peace within, and no longer spend time wondering about things. That you’ve taken time to go on holidays or chased after anything that makes your heart beat. I hope you’re doing anything your heart wills, because I have spent so much time wondering and imagining.

If you’re reading this, please do not be ashamed of yourself or me. You are still your father’s Daughter. You are probably still a strange one; still conflicted. Still searching.

As Long as you’re happier, as Long as you’re alive, I’m sure I’m really Glad for you.

I hope you’re safe and that you’re different from me. I hope you’ll wear your clothes and enunciate your words confidently. I hope you’ve come to terms with everything bad, and embraced the positivity of circumstances.

Above all, please continue to be brave and hopeful. My letter would only matter so Long as you get to read it.

You are precious and lovable to me, I hope you remember that. If no one would love you, please remember that I do.

I really hope you read this because I can’t bring myself to write further. Too much, lest I give it all away.

Too little, lest this never reaches you.

Above all, I hope to be able to write to you soon.
-April ’17.


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