In Different Ways.

All of us are born from different worlds into bellies of mothers

Alien children struggling in masses of flesh

A new “nothingness” enveloping us; we do not know anything

Yet we are in existence.
Your words, my words

Your languages of love versus my wisdom and choices

Your beautiful smile and strange ideas in my head

My voice stuck inside a throat used to screaming at children in schools

Some butterflies were escaping the intestinal tracts

Fluttering, excited,

But no,

Stay inside.
We are all from different worlds, and nothing on Earth is permanent

We are ex-differences in a small, negligible shared moment, alien temporary home going towards new different worlds once time ticks and arrives and pushes us towards the exits

And into different worlds once again.
Where minds do not matter and memories altered

Butterflies caged, and

The infant will learn to cry again.


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