“Whenever I am here, everyone’s sadness and pain flow into me. All these negative feelings block out my own thoughts, and I fall into a deep sleep. And in my dreams, I hear a voice whispering to me, “Let’s go back to the old days,” it says, “Let’s go home.” Then I open my eyes, and all I can see are devils. And I have to destroy them all, or my dreams will never end.”

This is a curse, but it is time to wake up.

The reason why everything is shitty to the core right now is because this year, I’ve chosen to live for myself.

Yet, my best attribute is to live for others, to be purposeful.

Not sure what’ll come next, and if I’d be lucky enough to cheat then.
If life is meaningful, then it is also meaningless at the same time.

We are all searching for lost time.
A “time” which will never return, and hence the pain.

Is this why I am alive,
Why I’ve been given life?

What’ll happen if we go against these arrangements, I wonder?


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