Favorite 3s.

Been working on something but I couldn’t finish writing it so here’s another entry stemmed from shower thoughts.

State 3 things that come to mind when you recall the persons you(‘ve) love(d).

M: Temper, Paranoia, Love.

D: Patience, Wisdom, Old age.

JT: Tan, Pharmacy, Moon-eyed smiles.

XM: Piano, Gentleness, Height.

A: Chicken rice, Dance, Cigarettes.

X: Singing, Strip poker, Smile.

T: Bartending, Martini, Solid friendship.

D: Toiletries in a Topshop tote bag, Striped shirts, Eyes.

H: Social circle, Holidays, Honeycolor.

A: Magic, Taiwan, Belly.

Z: Heartfelt conversations, Support, Loyalty.

LB: White sheets, Baker & Cook, Warmth.

Y: Golden coins, Geisha, Tango.

C: Handwritten notes, Candles, Guilt.


Perhaps… background stories for the next time when I feel more capable of narrating, or when it stops aching.

Edit: I suppose that all of us want to remember only the best, positive things.
Edit 2: Realised that I did not love myself (enough) because I didn’t write about the 3 things I’d remember myself for. Yet the 3 things came out really pessimistically:

Nostalgia, Sadness, Inability to adjust.

It may get better, and it hopefully does. Slightly tired.


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