Lessons learnt from what I have been wrong about, despite knowing:

  1. Beauty is not permanent, my dear. In your mind, definitely, but do not attempt to preserve it.
  2. And your mind is but a passing thought. It might regulate your thoughts from day to day, but it is just a thought. Your thoughts do not define you; they merely accentuate an idea. Haven’t you been sad for a moment, and happier another?
  3. Have you been looking around yourself for that which makes you happy? Or at least, that which you have hoped for? If there is a slight sign of semblance, you have done it, somehow. You don’t need to know why or how. Take it, take it. This is how the universe gives back. Do not apologise or be euphoric, as this is but one of the few ways of life.
  4. You are temporary, and so are others. Do not pressurize yourself, or give them too much meaning and responsibility for having been present. Everyone has a reason to life, and so do you. Let it go, and stop arguing with yourself.
  5. You will not be wise in every area. Stop self-shaming, and get back on track in areas where you perform. Admit and accept that you have been wrong, so that you learn and grow better.
  6. Stop holding back. Shine, because everyone wants the best of each other, deep down. In retrospect, let others shine because you want the best for them. It doesn’t have to hurt if they do it alone.
  7. Nurture your interests and talents. You have wasted so many years feeling terrible about yourself. Now is the time to do something about it. You don’t have to do it everyday. You don’t have to do it out of obligation. Do it when you want to. Do it when you feel driven to. Do it when you feel happy to. Do it anyway.
  8. You are the cup filling up the waters of life. You’ll fill it up and empty it up and the process goes on. Take it in, spit it out… just not the other way round. You should consume all you get, experience all that is offered to you. Good and/ or bad, you’ll be fine, because there are always friends/ persons who believe in you as a person more than you’ve been credited for. Do not look further than the people around you. They matter more than nostalgia or experience.
  9. Take a break whenever. You don’t have to excel or fight everyday.
  10. Do not be afraid. The world radiates warmth and love.

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